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First Holy Communion

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Here is the dress, veil and matching handbag that I made for our daughter Whistle’s First Holy Communion and Confirmation.
FHC 01

The dress is made from a vintage Butterick pattern that was passed down to me from my Mother’s sewing collection.  I love picking up old patterns and making them come to life!
Butterick 3118

The veil is made from an organza that has embroidered crosses.  I have a second layer of organza underneath.  I ran a rolled scarf hem on the serger, gathered the veil and sewed it to a purchased headband that was covered with white fabric.  I then added the hand made flowers. Here is the detail on the veil:
Veil 01

And the flowers:

The hand bag comes from an online tutorial that I found at Shelley Detton’s site.  I love everything she is doing there!  Take a look here:


What a joy it is making such careful and prayerful preparation for this sacred day.  Glory be to God.  She hasn’t taken her gloves off yet!

Here she is with her oldest sister and sponsor (who is also wearing a skirt and bolero jacket sewn by Glory Bee).
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Three beautiful bonnets.

Brown Eyed Susan

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Here is my latest bonnet- traditionally the flower is called a Black Eyed Susan- but I thought the brown puff ball made a better center for this color scheme.
IMG_8179Here is a close-up on the detail of the flower. This is the first time I have made an individual petal flower.  I think next I want to try an Iris.


My First Bonnet

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Here is where my bonnet obsession began.  A simple pattern, some scraps and quilt fat quarters were the basis for this purple bonnet.
Purple Bonnet 01

Here is the detail on the fabric flowers.  My first attempt here. I serged the strips of purple fabric with a soft ruffle and then wound them into a flower shape.  A repurposed button is the center.

Here is our Squeak with her Daddy enjoying an evening on the patio. The great thing about these bonnets is that they really do have enough brim to shade their face- yet they are far enough out of their range of vision that they don’t seem to want to pull them off.
Purple Bonnet 03


Chocolate Confection

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Here is our Squeak, modeling her Chocolate Confection.
Here is the detail on the bonnet:
Chocolate Confection
And the rose, handmade from satin and a repurposed button.

Blue Bonnet

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Here is pretty blue bonnet that I made for a friend of ours.  The lace is just precious.  Flowers are white satin with repurposed buttons.
Every baby is cuter with a ‘blue bonnet’ on it!
Blue Bonnet